The Manta Coast

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Scuba diving in the Inhambane area of Mozambiques Manta Coast is of the best available anywhere in the world! Still largely protected and not overcrowded, the size, variety and volume of sealife on the reefs in the area is astounding.  

There are few dive sites where sitings of both the magnificent Manta Ray and Whale Sharks are so frequent, not to speak of game fish of all shapes and sizes. 

Yet the underwater photographer's interest is often captured by the smaller exotic creatures such as Manta Shrimps, Spanish Dancers and other colorful nudibranches. 

The fringing reef system just off-shore of Jangamo Bay will satisfy divers of all tastes and experience levels and is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.  

You can check out the swim-throughs at Caves, the cryptic Paperfish at Devil's Peak, go deep and marvel at the pelagics in Disneyland, or check into the salon at Hard Rock and let the cleaner shrimps do what they do best.  

And if macro photography is your thing, the resident Nudibranch population at Pao Rock will have you clicking away to your heart's content.

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