About Us

Africa is a big place filled with all kinds of adventures and wonders much like any other 3rd world country but Africa is different it holds the key to how things once were in Natures Kingdom and anyone visiting these shores can experience that for them selves if you now where to be at the right time.

Quintin Heymans & Anthony Filmalter make up your Drive & Dive team and between them offer the 15 years worth of personal experiences and guidance’s so that you can also witness for yourself these impressive displays of nature.

If you’ve never dived before A kun a matata. Quintin is a fully qualified NAUI and SSI approved instructors and can have you bobbing in the water in no time. Do your course material en route and pool sessions at camp.

All meals are prepared and served by us our crew we will put together the perfect meal at the end of the day so please let us know if there are any special diet requirements or allergies in your group Our fleet of off road vehicles are fully equipped to take large groups to some of the more remote parts of Africa and in doing so we give you a rare experience not many people get to dive . 

If your more of a DIY kind of person please allow us to arrange your trip just tell us what you want to see and how much time you have and well be happy to guide you to the best experiences.

So if you think nature is impressive come safari with us and experience all that Africa has to offer!